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Dante's Inferno Documented poster - Click on it to enlargeMaster Films Productions, LLC presents Dante's Hell Documented - a film produced and directed by Boris Acosta. This feature film is a breakthrough about Dante's Inferno, the first part of the The Divine Comedy literary masterpiece, written by Dante Alighieri during his exile from Florence, in Italy between 1302-1313. Dante's Hell Documented is not only a tribute to Dante Alighieri, the best Italian poet of all time, but also to many great Italian and French artists as well as L'Inferno - the first Italian feature film in history.

The Divine Comedy - Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso - is known as the greatest Christian story ever told after The Gospel. The Divine Comedy, written by Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), is an allegory of life; a vision of the world of the hereafter. The story is divided into one hundred chapters (cantos), which reflect the Christian faith and is considered one of the greatest literature classics of all time. It was the first poem ever written in Italian, through which Dante hoped to convert a wrong done world to righteousness.

Dante's Hell Documented is a 2-hour feature film, depicting the story of a man that went on a journey through the worst of the afterlife, Hell, to finally consumate his love relationship at the gate of Paradise (sequel). This film is also a Tribute to Hollywood legend and Golden Globe nominee Jeff Conaway, who left us his great Christian legacy.

Dante's Hell Documented is a compelling four-quadrant film presented as a visual and narrative journey to Hell told by over 30 celebrities, scholars and artists from both Italy and the United States. It features Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts, Golden Globe nominee Jeff Conaway, Italian Legends Franco Nero (Golden Globe and David di Donatello winner), Arnoldo Fo, and Monsignor Marco Frisina from The Vatican, to mention a few. The Infernal story is presented circle by circle in an unprecedented and unique way that no other film has done up until now. Visually, it features over 300 paintings and illustrations by Gustave Dore, Francesco Scaramuzza, Amos Nattini and Giovanni Stradano among many other artists. In addition, it features 69 original paintings, by Dino Di Durante, from the upcoming Dante's Hell Illustrated book and magazine series as well as a some dramatic animation clips from the historic animation film Dante's Hell Animated featuring Eric Roberts as Dante. Furthermore, the final touch of this great film is the addition of some excerpts from the first Italian feature film L'Inferno (1911).

The main purpose of this documentary is to present Dante's story in an easy and understandable way to encourage people to read The Divine Comedy book. This production, as well as all independent productions by Boris Acosta, will give 10% of his profits to charity to promote The Divine Comedy throughout the world.

Dante's Hell Documented is expected to premiere in Europe and North America at major film festivals and Universities, soon to be announced in the "Festivals" page.



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